Company “INTRON VTD” was established in April 2014 to develop tools and technologies for inline diagnostics. In-line diagnostics allows timely detection of pipeline defects and ensures safe operation.

Extensive experience in the development of ultrasonic and magnetic devices allows INTRON VTD specialists to effectively solve the problems of non-destructive testing of pipelines for various purposes.

Problems of field pipelines


  • High degree of wear
  • Unauthorized Taps
  • The complexity of pipe quality control
  • Lack of pig traps
  • Serious environmental damage in case of an accident

Solution - (inpection) EasyPig and EasyPig UT devices


  • Frequent diagnosis (monitoring)
  • Identification of unauthorized taps
  • Lightweight design for the diagnosis of complex pipeline sections
  • Using Mobile Pig Traps
  • Identification of defects for priority repair
Provision of services for in-line inspection of field pipelines of standard quality at competitive prices in Russia and abroad.
Own production of equipment for the non-destructive testing, including profilometerы, magnetic (EasyPig) and ultrasonic (EasyPig UT) devices.
Applying EasyPig and EasyPig UT devices for diagnostic inspection of pipelines.
Development of innovative equipment and software products for pipeline inspection, ensuring the efficiency and safety of pipeline systems.
Own non-destructive testing laboratory. Devices manufactured by INTRON VTD LLC are certified in accordance with modern requirements.
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